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Nature's Flour Power.

Flour is a multipurpose culinary component that is obtained by grinding different types of grain crops. Depending on the milling method and grain sort, there are various types and grades of flour available. Each type of flour has unique characteristics and is intended for specific uses. The quality of flour is determined by its yield and can be reflected in its grade, which considers factors such as color, size, ash content, and gluten quality. Our assortment includes high-quality peeled rye flour, as well as wheat flour of all types and grades.

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    Europe, LATAM

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    Wheat Flour, Top-Grade, Peeled Rye

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Wheat Flour

The Foundation of Delicious Baking.

Wheat flour is one of the most versatile and widely used flours in the world. It is made by grinding wheat kernels into a fine powder, which can be used in a variety of baked goods such as bread, cakes, and pastries. The gluten in wheat flour gives it elasticity and allows it to rise when baked, making it an essential ingredient in many recipes. Wheat flour is also used as a thickening agent in sauces and gravies, and as a coating for fried foods. With its high protein content and nutritional value, wheat flour is an important staple in many diets around the world.

Top Grade Flour

Pure Baking Perfection.

Top grade flour is a finely milled wheat flour that is commonly used in baking and cooking. It is the highest quality flour available, with a protein content of around 12-14%, which makes it ideal for making bread, cakes, and pastries. This type of flour is made from the innermost part of the wheat kernel, which is rich in gluten and other essential nutrients. Top grade flour is also known for its versatility and can be used in a variety of recipes, from traditional bread to more complex dishes like pasta and pizza. Its smooth texture and consistent quality make it a favorite among professional bakers and home cooks alike.

Peeled rye flour

Artisan Bakery Experience.

Peeled rye flour is a type of flour that is made by removing the outer layer of the rye grain. This flour has a white color with a noticeable gray shade and contains pieces of different sizes. Peeled rye flour is known for its easy digestion and chemical composition, which makes it a popular choice for baking. Pastries made from this flour can increase the body’s resistance and activate the production of hormones and antibodies. Peeled rye flour is also rich in vitamins from the B group, which are essential for maintaining good health. Its unique properties make it a great ingredient for a wide range of baked goods.