Your Trusted Food Safeguard.

At D&D Agri Group, we hold a deep conviction that quality and food safety are the pillars of our global operations. Our team collectively assumes the responsibility of ensuring that every stage of our value chains adheres to stringent food safety practices. We are relentless in our pursuit of process improvement and continuously invest in enhancing our storage, delivery, and facilities to meet the strict requirements of global food safety initiatives.

Our Quality Control Policy for agricultural products is designed to ensure the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction. The following key pillars outline our commitment to quality control:

Specified Contract

We include an agreed-upon specification in the contract for each order. This specification serves as a guidance document that outlines the desired quality standards for our products.

Customer-Requested Tests

We are dedicated to meeting our customers' individual needs and requirements. We gladly accommodate any test requests made by our customers to validate the quality of our products. This allows them to have complete confidence in the products they purchase from us.

Pre-shipment Testing

Prior to shipment, we conduct thorough tests on each batch of our agricultural products. These tests serve as an unconditional confirmation that our products comply with the specified requirements and meet the desired quality standards.

Third-Party Testing

To ensure impartiality and credibility, we engage reputable third-party companies to conduct the tests. These companies have a worldwide reputation and a presence in the country from where the goods are dispatched. The choice of the testing company is agreed upon by both parties and is clearly documented in the supply contract.