From Field to Table - Nourishing the World.

Grain is more than just a crop, it’s a symbol of hope and potential. It represents the tireless efforts of farmers who work hard to bring food to our tables. Grain is a reminder that even the smallest seed can grow into something great, something that can nourish and sustain us. At the heart of the grain trading industry lies a passion for quality ingredients, honest intentions, and a desire to inspire others. D&D Agri Grain embodies these values, bringing people together who share a common love for good food and a better world.

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The heart of every healthy meal.

Wheat, the golden grain that has nourished humanity for generations and is a real agricultural mainstay. Wheat is processed from the fields to the mills into a range of goods that are enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. From the crusty bread on our tables to the substantial pasta meals that warm our hearts, the simple wheat grain is the foundation of so many of our favorite cuisines.  We celebrate the heritage of those who came before us by continuing to develop and discover new ways to use this magnificent grain, paving the way for a brighter future.


Fiber-Rich Barley Bliss.

Barley is a versatile and nutritious grain often used for animal feed and brewing beer. It can also be milled into various tasty and convenient products, such as flakes and flour. Barley flour is high in protein but low in gluten, making it a great addition to baked goods when combined with wheat flour. By incorporating barley into our meals, we can enjoy its nutritional benefits and support a more sustainable food system.


The Sweetest Gift from Nature.

Corn is a versatile crop that has been used for centuries in various forms. Today, it is dry milled to extract the germ and pericarp. Corn is commonly used for both animal feed and human consumption. As a feed ingredient, it is primarily fed to hogs, poultry, cattle, and pets. However, it is not a high protein feed ingredient and typically makes up only a portion of the overall feed. In human food, corn is used in a variety of forms, including cornmeal, cornstarch, and corn syrup.


Nutritious and Delicious.

Rye is a highly nutritious cereal grain that is widely popular for its low gluten content and high soluble fiber. Due to its low gluten content and high soluble fiber, rye has become a highly sought-after ingredient in a variety of food products, including bread, breakfast foods, and porridge. Apart from its use in food products, rye is also widely used in the production of alcoholic beverages, particularly beer and whiskey. The unique flavor and aroma of rye make it a popular choice among brewers and distillers, who use it to create some of the finest alcoholic beverages in the world.


The Ultimate Superfood.

Oats  are an important source of livestock feed worldwide, both as a nutritious grain and as forage. They are a good source of protein, fiber, and minerals. Oats are the highest-protein cereal-grain crop and, until replaced by soybeans for livestock feed, were considered the primary protein source in feed rations.  oats are also used in production of many human food products and in some industrial applications. Food uses for oats include oatmeal, oat flour, oat bran, and oat flakes, which are used for breakfast cereals and as ingredients in other food products.